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The Tournament is, as the name states, a tournament, held by House Frostblade. For the first time in years they were looking to take on someone new, and the winner of the tournament would be the perfect option.

Aten, who has trained for his entire life, decides to enter in the faint hope that he could win and join House Frostblade. He is up against grown men and women, while he himself has only recently hit 16.

Tournament OrganisationEdit

Morning TournamentEdit

There is one practice round during the tounament, as entertainment and to get ready. There are then three rounds, split into poules based on age. 

Each age group has a certain amount of people who are randomly matched up with each other, and the winners of each go ahead to the next round. After the first poule the competitors are split in half, the winners moving on. There are two more poules until only a few remain in each category. 

There is then a break. 

Afternoon TournamentEdit

The final few fight each other until there are only two left in each category. These are then the most important fights, and seat tickets for the final rounds cost the most. 

There are three winners. The three then fight each other, with handicaps based on age. The winner is eligible to go through the Trials of Frost, and if passing, is accepted into House Frostblade.

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