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Also known as the Lich-King

The Sorcerer was a man who studied the ancient tales of the Dark Gods and evil magics, and struck deals with these Gods. His immoral experiments lead to his house being burned down by an angry mob from Cullio and Lydra, but he had foreseen the attack and escaped to Stralke. 

When the King of Lydra, Salazar Anaconda, died, and was replaced by the Cobra, The Sorcerer plotted to get revenge on the people who had cast him from his home. He first poisoned the water of Cullio, and then spun an elaborate trap that resulted in House Frostblade being captured by the Cobra. 

Posing as an anonymous informer, he first informed of his own assassination plot on the King to gain the House's trust, poisoned Cullio's water sources and then suggested that the King forces them to be his elite guard. 

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